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Alex Freedman is a French-American drama writer, raised in Paris by a Provencal mother and British father. His eclectic life led him to writing for television – focusing on sharp, witty character-driven stories set in specific worlds. He most recently worked on the second season of Netflix’s science-fiction/cyberpunk series ALTERED CARBON with Anthony Mackie and Renée Elise Goldsberry.

After studying film and production at the Sorbonne University – and winning his green card at the lottery – he leaped across the world to pursue his career in the US. He has also worked in TV development at EPIX, and on the post-production teams of shows like AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS and TNT’s FALLING SKIES.

In 2008, he launched TV CALLING, a website dedicated to television writing. The site covers topics ranging from content about the craft (specs, pilots, outlines, etc.) to the business (breaking in, representation, sustaining a career, etc).
With over 25,000 monthly visitors, TV CALLING is one of the most widely followed sources on the TV writing industry. His Spec Script lists, TV Writer’s Roadmap, and TV writing breakdowns, have become go-to resources for professional and aspiring screenwriters around the world.

In 2016, he started the weekly TV writing podcast PAPER TEAM with fellow TV writer Nick Watson.

For over three years and 150+ episodes, PAPER TEAM has given screenwriters of all levels the tools and knowledge to navigate the television industry. The show alternates between topics on the business and craft of writing, plus has featured many popular TV writers and hosted multiple successful live events.

In addition to his screenwriting endeavors, Alex has been a speaker and moderator for multiple TV writing live events and conventions – including WonderCon and the Austin Film Festival.

His TV writing accolades include official selections in the “A-List“, “Bitch List” (AKA “Bechdel List“), New York Television Festival, winner of the Tracking-Board Launchpad Mentorship, runner-up of the inaugural JHRTS Pilot Script Competition, and top placements in many other competitions.

I am passionate about television and its role as a powerful storytelling medium. I love to discuss and share my knowledge of the art-form. I enjoy binging multiple seasons in a row. In short, I am a TV Writer.

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